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    Unpacking cultural diversity in sport management

    Cross-cultural management is an important facet of the globalized sport industry. Globalized Sport Management in Diverse Cultural Contexts, edited by James J. Zhang & Brenda G. Pitts (Routledge), brings together research on this issue from sport scholars around the world. Our reviewer is Derrick Charway, and he finds that the book does what it intended to, bud he would have liked an abstract for each chapter, and he points out that micro level analyses would have added important insights about cultural diversity in practice.

    Few flickering lights in an otherwise overwhelming darkness

    Yet another volume in Routledge’s World Association for Sport Management Series has been published, International Sport Business Management: Issues and New Ideas, edited by James J. Zhang, Brenda G. Pitts & Lauren M. Johnson. We asked Hans Lundberg, Senior Lecturer in organization and entrepreneurship at the School of Business and Economics, Linnæus University, for a review. He is not impressed by this book, rather the opposite, although he manages to find a couple of bright spots among the contributions.