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    Seminal work on the role and function of sport during the Cold War era

    The Whole World Was Watching: Sport in the Cold War, edited by Robert Edelman & Christopher Young (Stanford University Press), examines Cold War rivalries through the lens of sporting activities and competitions across Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the U.S. Our reviewer is historian Kristian Gerner, and he finds that the multifaceted analysis in the book reveals how states as well as individual athletes impacted the development of sport and society in the cold war period.

    Amerikansk idrottshistoria från skilda utgångspunkter

    Tobias Stark recenserar två böcker om amerikansk idrottshistoria, A Brief History of American Sports: Second Edition by Elliott J. Gorn & Warren Goldstein, och Major Problems in American Sport History: Second Edition av Steven A. Riess (red). Båda ät nyutgåvor av 90-talsböcker, och de klarar övergången till 2010-talet på olika sätt.