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    International Journal of Sport Finance, Volume 16, 2021, Issue 3

    IJSF serves as a high-level forum for the dissemination of current research on sport finance topics. The mission to communicate to sport industry executives and managers the practical benefits of research on finance related to current practice. The Forum Editor’s pick from the current issue: Baseball Home Field Advantage Without Fans in the Stands by Jeremy M. Losak and Joseph Sabel.

    Journal of Sports Economics, Vol. 21, 2020, No. 5

    The aim of the journal is to further research in the area of sports economics by bringing together theoretical and empirical research in a single intellectual venue. The Forum Editor’s pick from the current issue: THE ADVANTAGE OF SCORING JUST BEFORE THE HALF-TIME BREAK—PURE MYTH? QUASI-EXPERIMENTAL EVIDENCE FROM EUROPEAN FOOTBALL by Philippe Meier, Raphael Flepp, Maximilian Ruedisser, and Egon Franck.

    Handbook with several interesting contributions but not quite up to the competition

    Harry Arne Solberg reviews The Oxford Handbook of Sport Economics in two volumes, The Economics of Sports and Economics Through Sports, edited by Stephen Shmanske and Leo H. Kahane.
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