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    Gender in eSports Research: A Literature Review | A Summary

    In this feature article, Egil Trasti Rogstad summarizes his article in European Journal for Sport and Society, in which he presents a traditional narrative review of how the theoretical concept of hegemonic masculinity is used to understand gendered power inequalities in eSports in the research literature. The review reveals issues of male domination as well as online harassment and negotiations of gendered expectations, suggesting that eSports and traditional sports discursively link masculinity, athleticism, and competition very similarly.

    Virtual Light in the Sports Blackout: An enduring boost of virtual sports or just a temporary respite?

    This scholarly commentary by Egil Rogstad draws on existing eSports research literature and relevant news stories in a discussion of what virtual sports can contribute with during a time of crisis when traditional sports are at a standstill, and what challenges virtual sports will have to face in order to make the boost that it is currently experiencing during the pandemic more than just a temporary respite while traditional sporting activities and events are suspended.
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