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    Studies of corruption cases forming an ambitious anthology

    In Restoring Trust in Sport: Corruption Cases and Solutions (Routledge), editor Catherine Ordway has collected sport corruption case studies in which leading researchers consider how to re-establish trust both within sports organizations and in the wider sporting public, inspired by the idea of ‘moral repair’. Our reviewer Mikael Hansson’s critical reading turns up a general impression of an ambitious, well-conceived anthology, a useful source of knowledge and inspiration.

    A critical understanding of how the legal framework for anti-doping has developed

    Doping in Sport and the Law by Ulrich Haas & Deborah Healey (eds., Hart Publishing) is a couple of years old, but, as our reviewer Paul Dimeo points out, “yet key texts such as this can help us understanding contemporary and future problems”. Paul recommends the book for anyone interested in anti-doping, sports ethics and/or sports law.
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