Sports Health: A Multidisciplinary Approach, Vol. 11, 2019, No. 3


Houston Mystery
Edward M. Wojtys

Current Research

Health-Related Quality of Life After Hip Arthroscopy for Femoroacetabular Impingement: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis
Chetan Gohal, Saif Shamshoon, Muzammil Memon, Jeffrey Kay, Nicole Simunovic, Filippo Randelli, and Olufemi R. Ayeni

Hip and Groin Injuries in Professional Basketball Players: Impact on Playing Career and Quality of Life After Retirement
Seper Ekhtiari, Moin Khan, Tyrrell Burrus, Kim Madden, Joel Gagnier, Joseph P. Rogowski, Tristan Maerz, and Asheesh Bedi

The Effect of Valgus Control Instruction Exercises on Pain, Strength, and Functionality in Active Females With Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome
Mahsa Emamvirdi, Amir Letafatkar, and Mehdi Khaleghi Tazji

Dropping the Hammer: An Uncommon Case of Right-Hand Pain in a Professional Hockey Player
Donald Kasitinon and Robert J. Dimeff

KOOS-JR Demonstrates Psychometric Limitations in Measuring Knee Health in Individuals After ACL Reconstruction
Jennifer L. Hunnicutt, Brittany N. Hand, Chris M. Gregory, Harris S. Slone, Michelle M. McLeod, Brian Pietrosimone, Christopher Kuenze, and Craig A. Velozo

Investigating the Immediate and Cumulative Effects of Isometric Squat Exercise for Different Weight Loads on Intraocular Pressure: A Pilot Study
Jesús Vera, Raimundo Jiménez, Beatríz Redondo, Alejandro Torrejón, George-Alex Koulieris, Carlos Gustavo De Moraes, and Amador García-Ramos

Investigation of the Impact of Below-Knee Compression Garments on Markers of Exercise-Induced Muscle Damage and Performance in Endurance Runners: A Prospective Randomized Controlled Trial
A. Grethe Geldenhuys, Jeroen Swart, and Andrew Bosch

Alpine Ski Racing Injuries
Mitchell C. Tarka, Annabelle Davey, Geordie C. Lonza, Casey M. O’Brien, John P. Delaney, and Nathan K. Endres

Efficacy of Abdominal Control Feedback and Scapula Stabilization Exercises in Participants With Forward Head, Round Shoulder Postures and Neck Movement Impairment
Shirin Shiravi, Amir Letafatkar, Lucia Bertozzi, Paolo Pillastrini, and Mehdi Khaleghi Tazji

Head Trauma Exposure in Mixed Martial Arts Varies According to Sex and Weight Class
Bruno Follmer, Rodolfo Andre Dellagrana, and E. Paul Zehr

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