Sport Sciences for Health, Vol. 11, Issue 1, 2015

ssh-dsNovel insights into skeletal muscle function by mechanomyography: from the laboratory to the field
Emiliano Cè, Susanna Rampichini & Fabio Esposito

Differences in anthropometry, somatotype, body composition and physiological characteristics of female volleyball players by competition level
P. T. Nikolaidis, J. Afonso & K. Busko

The contribution of vertical explosive strength to sprint performance in children
Raouf Hammami, Issam Makhlouf, Mokhtar Chtara, Johnny Padulo & Anis Chaouachi

Medical pole walking and cardiovascular health among pregnant women with anemia
Alexander Vladimirov, Nataly Vladimirova, Yuriy Andriyashek & Maurizio Bertollo

Effects of combined exercise on HOMA-IR, HOMA β-cell and atherogenic index in Korean obese female
Chang Ho Ha, Brenda Swearingin, Yong Kyun Jeon & Minyong Lee

A kinematic analysis to evaluate the start techniques’ efficacy in swimming
Donato Formicola & Alberto Rainoldi

Digital three-dimensional anthropometry detection of exercise-induced fat mass reduction in obese women
Chiara Milanese, Andrea Giachetti, Valentina Cavedon, Francesco Piscitelli & Carlo Zancanaro

Correlation between Hoff test performance, body composition and aerobic and anaerobic fitness in professional soccer players
Alessandro Moura Zagatto, Willian Eiji Miyagi, Gabriel Motta Pinheiro Brisola, Fabio Milioni, Adelino Sanchez Ramos da Silva, Paulo Roberto Pereira Santiago & Marcelo Papoti

Caloric restriction and exercise training, combined, not solely improve total plasma adiponectin and glucose homeostasis in streptozocin-induced diabetic rats
Hojatolah Karimie Jashni, Hamid Mohebbi, Alireza Delpasand & Hossein Kargar Jahromy

Isoload vs isokinetic eccentric exercise: a direct comparison of exercise-induced muscle damage and repeated bout effect
Giuseppe Coratella & Luciano Bertinato

Associations of weight loss in relation to age and body mass index in a group of Maltese overweight and obese women during an 8-week Zumba programme
Charles Micallef

Motivational climate, resilience, and burnout in youth sport
Francesca Vitali, Laura Bortoli, Luciano Bertinato, Claudio Robazza & Federico Schena

Physical education in the Italian higher secondary school: a pilot study based on experiences and opinions of undergraduate students
Francesca Gallé, Giuliana Valerio, Valeria Di Onofrio, Gennaro Mantile, Raimondo Bottiglieri & Giorgio Liguori

Anthropometric characteristics and neuromuscular function in young judo athletes by sex, age and weight category
Gema Torres-Luque, R. Hernandez-Garcia, N. Garatachea & P. T. Nikolaidis

Heart rate response to a marathon cross-country skiing race: a case study
Damiano Formenti, Athos Trecroci, Luca Cavaggioni, Andrea Caumo & Giampietro Alberti

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