Sport Science Review Volume XXII, Issue 1-2

Sport Science Review is an online and open access journal. Clicking on the article headings will take you to an abstract page with a link to a full-text pdf.

ssr300Cigarette Smoking: Nicotine, Carbon Monoxide, and the Physiological Effects on Exercise Responses
Hoyt, George L.
Page 5

The Effects of Caffeine on Repeated Sprint Performance in Team Sport Athletes – A Meta-Analysis –
Brown, Stephen J. / Brown, Julie / Foskett, Andrew
Page 25

A Study on the Relationship Between Sports and Aggression
Oproiu, Ioana
Page 33

The Art of Goal Setting: A Tale of Doing Sport Psychology in Professional Football
Larsen, Carsten Hvid / Engell, Christian
Page 49

Becoming a Sport Psychologist: Experiences of a Volunteer
Mărgărit, Elena-Mădălina
Page 77

Attitudes Toward Anabolic-Androgenic Steroids Among Non-competing Athletes in Various Types of Sports – A Cross-sectional Study –
Singhammer, John
Page 109

Success of Mixed Martial Arts Video Topics on YouTube
Zembura, Paweł
Page 129

Débat d’idées et mise en oeuvre des projets d’actions en jeu de Football: cas des garçons de troisième année secondaire en Tunisie
Zghibi, Makram / Guinoubi, Chamseddine / Bennour, Nabila / Moheiddine, Naimi
Page 151

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