Sport Management Review, Volume 21, 2018, Issue 5

Understanding users’ continuance intentions to use smart-connected sports products
Pages 477-490
Jaeki Song, Junghwan Kim, Kwangmin Cho

Building social capital from sport event participation: An exploration of the social impacts of participatory sport events on the community
Pages 491-503
Ran Zhou, Kyriaki Kaplanidou

Recruiting and retaining girls in table tennis: Participant and club perspectives
Pages 504-518
Katie Rowe, Emma Sherry, Angela Osborne

Estimation of game-level attendance in major league soccer: Outcome uncertainty and absolute quality considerations
Pages 519-532
Hojun Sung, Brian M. Mills

A fan’s search for meaning: Testing the dimensionality of sport fan superstition
Pages 533-548
Brendan Dwyer, Mark A. Slavich, Jennifer L. Gellock

Sport participation: From policy, through facilities, to users’ health, well-being, and social capital
Pages 549-562
Harish Kumar, Argyro Elisavet Manoli, Ian R. Hodgkinson, Paul Downward

Competing by investments or efficiency? Exploring financial and sporting efficiency of club ownership structures in European football
Pages 563-581
Marc Rohde, Christoph Breuer

A mechanism of mutually beneficial relationships between employees and consumers: A dyadic analysis of employee–consumer interaction
Pages 582-595
Kyungyeol (Anthony) Kim, Kevin K. Byon

Coworker knowledge sharing and peer learning among elite footballers: Insights from German Bundesliga players
Pages 596-611
Kim Werner, Geoff Dickson

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