Sport Management Review, Volume 20, 2017, Issue 4

Reviews and Theoretical Advances

Volunteerism and volunteer management in sport
Review Article Pages 325-337
Pamela Wicker

Research Articles

Message framing as institutional maintenance: The National Collegiate Athletic Association’s institutional work of addressing legitimate threats
Original Research Article Pages 338-351
Calvin Nite

Passion and pride in professional sports: Investigating the role of workplace emotion
Original Research Article Pages 352-364
Steve Swanson, Aubrey Kent

The influence of sports participation on academic performance among students in higher education
Original Research Article Pages 365-378
Fernando Muñoz-Bullón, Maria J. Sanchez-Bueno, Antonio Vos-Saz

A conceptual model on the process of innovation diffusion through a historical review of the United States Armed Forces and their bowl games
Original Research Article Pages 379-394
Chad Seifried, Matthew Katz, Patrick Tutka

Effects of increased commitment on reputation and status: Evidence from NCAA Division I universities
Original Research Article Pages 395-407
Adrien Bouchet, Mary Dana Laird, Mike Troilo, Michael Hutchinson, Gerald Ferris

March sadness: Coping with fan identity threat
Original Research Article Pages 408-421
Elizabeth B. Delia

Book Reviews

Sports Business Management: Decision Making Around the Globe, George Foster, Norm O’Reilly, Antonio Dávila (assisted by Carlos Shimizu, Kevin Hurd). Routledge (Taylor & Francis), 711 Third Avenue, New York (2016). 512 pp., ISBN: 978-1-138-91954-9 (pbk)
Pages 422-423
Robert D. Macdonald

Managing Intercollegiate Athletics, D. Covell, S. Walker. (2nd ed.)Holcomb Hathaway, Arizona, US (2016)
Pages 424-425
Deepak Dhayanithy

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