Sport Management Review Volume 18, Issue 2, May 2014

smr-dsReview Articles

Underrepresentation of women in sport leadership: A review of research
Review Article, Pages 155-165
Laura J. Burton

Sport and social media research: A review
Review Article, Pages 166-181
Kevin Filo, Daniel Lock, Adam Karg

Research Articles

Exploring the impact of social networking sites on running involvement, running behavior, and social life satisfaction
Original Research Article, Pages 182-192
Joseph E. Mahan, Won Jae Seo, Jeremy S. Jordan, Daniel Funk

How do sport clubs recruit volunteers? Analyzing and developing a typology of decision-making processes on recruiting volunteers in sport clubs
Original Research Article, Pages 193-206
T. Schlesinger, C. Klenk, S. Nagel

Integrating public health and sport management: Sport participation trends 2001–2010Original Research Article, Pages 207-217
R.M. Eime, N. Sawyer, J.T. Harvey, M.M. Casey, H. Westerbeek, W.R. Payne

Australian athlete support personnel lived experience of anti-doping
Original Research Article, Pages 218-230
Jason Mazanov, Dennis Hemphill, James Connor, Frances Quirk, Susan H. Backhouse

The NASCAR experience: Examining the influence of fantasy sport participation on ‘non-fans’
Original Research Article, Pages 231-243
Andrew L. Goldsmith, Matthew Walker

Reducing the carbon footprint of spectator and team travel at the University of British Columbia’s varsity sports events
Original Research Article, Pages 244-255
Matt Dolf, Paul Teehan

‘We can do it’: Community, resistance, social solidarity, and long-term volunteering at a sport event
Original Research Article, Pages 256-267
Elsa Kristiansen, Berit Skirstad, Milena M. Parent, Ivan Waddington

The final frontier of anti-doping: A study of athletes who have committed doping violations
Original Research Article, Pages 268-279
Terry Engelberg, Stephen Moston, James Skinner

Consumer attitudes towards ambush marketing
Original Research Article, Pages 280-290
Geoff Dickson, Michael Naylor, Sean Phelps

Urban sportscapes: An environmental deterministic perspective on the management of youth sport participation
Original Research Article, Pages 291-307
Norm O’Reilly, Ida E. Berger, Tony Hernandez, Milena M. Parent, Benoit Seguin

Case Study

Developing a performance management framework for a national sport organisation
Pages 308-316
Ian O’Boyle

Book Reviews

B. Stewart, A.C.T. Smith, Rethinking Drug Use in Sport: Why the War Will Never Be Won, (Research in Sport, Culture and Society, 2014), Routledge, Abingdon, Oxon 978-0-415-65915-4 | 288 pp.
Pages 317-318
Terry Engelberg

M.P. Pritchard, J.L. Stinson, Leveraging Brands in Sport Business 1st ed. (2014), Routledge, Abingdon, Oxford 978-0-415-53485-7 | 249 pp.
Pages 319-320
Katharine Hoskyn

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