Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology, Volume 7, 2018, Issue 1

Top-down or bottom-up? The reciprocal longitudinal relationship between athletes’ team satisfaction and life satisfaction
Chen, Lung Hung; Wu, Chia-Huei; Lin, Shin-Huei; Ye, Yun-Ci

Helping kids connect: Participant and staff perspectives on facilitating social relationships in a physical activity-based positive youth development program for youth from low-income families
McDonough, Meghan H.; Ullrich-French, Sarah; McDavid, M. Lindley

Changes in body image perceptions upon leaving elite sport: The retired female athlete paradox
Papathomas, Anthony; Petrie, Trent A.; Plateau, Carolyn R.

Attitudes toward sport psychology consulting in athletes: Understanding the role of culture and personality
Ong, Nathanael C. H.; Harwood, Chris

Cross-cultural validation of the short form of the Physical Self Inventory (PSI-S)
Morin, Alexandre J. S.; Maïano, Christophe; Scalas, L. Francesca; Aşçı, F. Hülya; Boughattas, Wissal; Abid, Sami; Mascret, Nicolas; Kara, Feyza Meryem; Fadda, Daniela; Probst, Michel

The influence of self-selected music on affect-regulated exercise intensity and remembered pleasure during treadmill running
Hutchinson, Jasmin C.; Jones, Leighton; Vitti, Steven N.; Moore, Andrew; Dalton, Paul C.; O’Neil, Brendan J.

“The tough get tougher”: Mental skills training with elite military recruits
Fitzwater, James Peter J.; Arthur, Calum Alexander; Hardy, Lew

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