Polish Journal of Sport and Tourism, Volume 25, 2018, Issue 1

Low-Level Laser Therapy and the Recovery of Muscle Function After a Single Session of Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation: A Crossover Trial
Cieśliński, Maciej / Jówko, Ewa / Sacewicz, Tomasz / Cieśliński, Igor / Płaszewski, Maciej
Page 3

Biomechanical Profile of the Muscles of the Upper Limbs in Sport Climbers
Staszkiewicz, Robert / Rokowski, Robert / Michailov, Michail L. / Ręgwelski, Tomasz / Szyguła, Zbigniew
Page 10

Analysis of Correlations Between Gross and Fine Motor Skills, Physical Fitness, and the Level of Functioning in Schoolchildren with Intellectual Disabilities
Skowroński, Waldemar / Winnicki, Witold / Bednarczuk, Grzegorz / Rutkowska, Izabela / Rekowski, Witold
Page 16

Hypotensive Effect Induced by Strength Training Using the Delorme and Oxford Methods in Trained Men
Corte, Jaime Della / Paz, Gabriel Andrade / Castro, Juliana Brandão Pinto de / Miranda, Humberto
Page 23

Hypothesised and Actual Changes in the General Motor Parameters of Field Hockey Players During the Training Cycle
Strzelczyk, Ryszard / Konarski, Jan M. / Karpowicz, Krzysztof / Janowski, Jarosław / Bartkowiak, Sylwia / Konarska, Agata / Podgórski, Tomasz
Page 31

Examining the Relationships Among Antecedents of Behavioural Intentions in Adventure Sports Context
Chandel, Jyoti Kumar / Bansal, Sat Prakash / Gattoufi, Said

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