Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology, Volume 6, 2017, Issue 3

Concussion in sport: Psychological perspectives.
Pages 215-219.
Kontos, Anthony P.

A review of psychological issues that may be associated with a sport-related concussion in youth and collegiate athletes.
Pages 220-229.
Covassin, Tracey; Elbin, R. J.; Beidler, Erica; LaFevor, Meghan; Kontos, Anthony P.

Parents’ intentions to allow youth football participation: Perceived concussion risk and the theory of planned behavior.
Pages 230-242.
Murphy, Ashley M.; Askew, Kevin L.; Sumner, Kenneth E.

Exploring sandbagging behaviors, effort, and perceived utility of the ImPACT Baseline Assessment in college athletes.
Pages 243-251.
Schatz, Philip; Elbin, R. J.; Anderson, Melissa N.; Savage, Jennifer; Covassin, Tracey.

The association between personality traits and sport-related concussion history in collegiate student-athletes.
Pages 252-261.
Beidler, Erica; Donnellan, M. Brent; Covassin, Tracey; Phelps, Amy L.; Kontos, Anthony P.

Psychosocial correlates of young athletes’ self-reported concussion symptoms during the course of recovery.
Pages 262-276.
O’Rourke, Daniel J.; Smith, Ronald E.; Punt, Stephanie; Coppel, David B.; Breiger, David.

Comparison of psychological response between concussion and musculoskeletal injury in collegiate athletes.
Pages 277-288.
Turner, Samantha; Langdon, Jody; Shaver, George; Graham, Victoria; Naugle, Kelly; Buckley, Thomas.

Exploring the unique challenges faced by female university athletes experiencing prolonged concussion symptoms.
Pages 289-303.
André-Morin, Daphnée; Caron, Jeffrey G.; Bloom, Gordon A.

Anxiety and mood clinical profile following sport-related concussion: From risk factors to treatment.
Pages 304-323.
Sandel, Natalie; Reynolds, Erin; Cohen, Paul E.; Gillie, Brandon L.; Kontos, Anthony P.

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