Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology, Volume 5, 2016, Issue 4

sepp-dsSport advocacy: Challenge, controversy, ethics, and action.
Page 281-295
Heil, John

Attentional distraction by negative sports words in athletes under low- and high-pressure conditions: Evidence from the sport emotional Stroop task.
Page 296-307
Lautenbach, Franziska; Laborde, Sylvain Jean Pascal; Putman, Peter; Angelidis, Angelos; Raab, Markus

Dynamic effects on elite and amateur performance.
Page 308-323
Woods, William C.; Hayes, Daniel J.; Meyer, Francisco; Kardan, Omid; Berman, Marc G.

Effects of competitive environment and outcome on achievement behaviors and well-being while engaged in a physical task.
Page 324-336
Reinboth, Michael; Duda, Joan L.

Changing minds: Bounded rationality and heuristic processes in exercise-related judgments and choices.
Page 337-351
Zenko, Zachary; Ekkekakis, Panteleimon; Kavetsos, Georgios

Intrinsic rewards predict exercise via behavioral intentions for initiators but via habit strength for maintainers.
Page 352-364
Phillips, L. Alison; Chamberland, Pier-Éric; Hekler, Eric B.; Abrams, Jessica; Eisenberg, Miriam H.

Using pupillometry to evaluate attentional effort in quiet eye: A preliminary investigation.
Page 365-376
Moran, Aidan; Quinn, Aoife; Campbell, Mark; Rooney, Brendan; Brady, Nuala; Burke, Colin

Music of the night: Performance practitioner considerations for enhancement work in music.
Page 377-395
Pecen, Ellis; Collins, Dave; MacNamara, Áine

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