Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology Volume 1, Issue 4, November 2012

Transformational teaching and child psychological needs satisfaction, motivation, and engagement in elementary school physical education.
Wilson, A. Justine; Liu, Yan; Keith, Sharon E.; Wilson, Alexandra H.; Kermer, Lindsey E.; Zumbo, Bruno D.; Beauchamp, Mark R.

Physical self-esteem in older adults: A test of the indirect effect of physical activity.
Moore, Justin B.; Mitchell, Nathanael G.; Beets, Michael W.; Bartholomew, John B.

The Köhler effect: Motivation gains and losses in real sports groups.
Osborn, Kaitlynn A.; Irwin, Brandon C.; Skogsberg, Nikolaus J.; Feltz, Deborah L.

Achievement goals and emotions in team sport athletes.
Dewar, Andrew J.; Kavussanu, Maria

Exploring emotion abilities and regulation strategies in sport organizations.
Wagstaff, Christopher R. D.; Fletcher, David; Hanton, Sheldon

Comment on “Progressing measurement in mental toughness: A case example of the Mental Toughness Questionnaire 48” by Gucciardi, Hanton, and Mallett (2012).
Clough, Peter; Earle, Keith; Perry, John L.; Crust, Lee

“Achievement goals and emotions in team sport athletes”: Correction to Dewar and Kavussanu (2012).
Dewar, Andrew J.; Kavussanu, Maria

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