Sport, Business and Management: An International Journal Volume 3, Issue 3

sbmProfessional football clubs and corporate social responsibility
Authors: Jens Blumrodt, Michel Desbordes, Dominique Bodin

Australian Football League: ‘Home Advantage’, ‘Umpire Bias’ or Both?
Authors: John Watson

Corruption: A Big Threat to Sport, a Tremendous Opportunity for Researchers
Authors: Simon Chadwick

Assets and Obstacles: An analysis of OUA hockey from the coaches’ perspective
Authors: Chris Chard, Craig Hyatt, William M Foster

Impact of Consumer Involvement, Emotions, and Attitude toward Beijing Olympic Games on Branding Effectiveness of Event Sponsors
Authors: Luke Lunhua Mao, James J. Zhang

Fan Involvement in a Professional Sport Team’s Decision Making
Authors: Craig Gavin Hyatt, William Sutton, William M Foster, Dylan McConnell

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