Psychology of Sport and Exercise Vol. 15, Issue 4, July 2014

pse-dsHighlighted Articles

Modeling relationships between physical fitness, executive functioning, and academic achievement in primary school children
Original Research Article, Pages 319-325
Anneke G. van der Niet, Esther Hartman, Joanne Smith, Chris Visscher

The home disadvantage in championship competitions: team sports
Original Research Article, Pages 392-398
Marshall B. Jones

Correlates of youth sport attrition: A review and future directions
Review Article, Pages 429-439
Shea M. Balish, Colin McLaren, Daniel Rainham, Chris Blanchard

Sport Psychology

The role of coaches’ passion and athletes’ motivation in the prediction of change-oriented feedback quality and quantity
Original Research Article, Pages 326-335
Joëlle Carpentier, Geneviève A. Mageau

From childhood to senior professional football: A multi-level approach to elite youth football players’ engagement in football-specific activities
Original Research Article, Pages 336-344
Mathias Haugaasen, Tynke Toering, Geir Jordet

Navigating the insider-outsider hyphen: A qualitative exploration of the acculturation challenges of Aboriginal athletes pursuing sport in Euro-Canadian contexts
Original Research Article, Pages 345-355
Amy T. Blodgett, Robert J. Schinke, Kerry R. McGannon, Diana A. Coholic, Lawrence Enosse, Duke Peltier, Chris Pheasant

An examination of post-traumatic growth in Canadian and American ParaSport athletes with acquired spinal cord injury
Original Research Article, Pages 399-406
Jennifer J. Crawford, Amy M. Gayman, Jill Tracey

Exercise Psychology

A dancer’s well-being: The influence of the social psychological climate during adolescence
Original Research Article, Pages 356-363
Andrea Stark, Maria Newton

Relating action to abstract goals increases physical activity reported a week later
Original Research Article, Pages 364-373
Allison M. Sweeney, Antonio L. Freitas

Mental imagery increases self-determined motivation to exercise with university enrolled women: A randomized controlled trial using a peer-based intervention
Original Research Article, Pages 374-381
Peter Giacobbi Jr., Karen A. Dreisbach, Nicole M. Thurlow, Payal Anand, Francisco Garcia

Relationship of fundamental movement skills and physical activity in children and adolescents: A systematic review
Review Article, Pages 382-391
Benjamin Holfelder, Nadja Schott

Within-person profiles of teachers’ motivation to teach: Associations with need satisfaction at work, need-supportive teaching, and burnout
Original Research Article, Pages 407-417
Lynn Van den Berghe, Bart Soenens, Nathalie Aelterman, Greet Cardon, Isabel B. Tallir, Leen Haerens

How school-based dancing classes change affective and collaborative networks of adolescents
Original Research Article, Pages 418-428
Lysann Zander, Madeleine Kreutzmann, Stephen G. West, Ellen Mettke, Bettina Hannover

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