Psychology of Sport and Exercise Vol. 14, Issue 2, March 2013

pse300The influence of sex stereotypes and gender roles on participation and performance in sport and exercise: Review and future directions
Aïna Chalabaev, Philippe Sarrazin, Paul Fontayne, Julie Boiché, Corentin Clément-Guillotin

“My first choice is to work out at work; then i don’t feel bad about my kids”: A discursive psychological analysis of motherhood and physical activity participation
Kerry R. McGannon, Robert J. Schinke

Can imagery facilitate improvements in anticipation behavior?
N.J. Smeeton, J.R. Hibbert, K. Stevenson, J. Cumming, A.M. Williams

Improved training of football referees and the decline in home advantage post-WW2
Alan Nevill, Tom Webb, Adam Watts

Spontaneous and experimentally induced action planning and coping planning for physical activity: A meta-analysis
Natasha Carraro, Patrick Gaudreau

Transformational leadership and task cohesion in sport: The mediating role of intrateam communication
Matthew J. Smith, Calum A. Arthur, James Hardy, Nichola Callow, David Williams

Coaches’ perceptions of athletes’ stress-related growth following sport injury
Ross Wadey, Sarah Clark, Leslie Podlog, Dearbhla McCullough

British Olympic hopefuls: The antecedents and consequences of implicit ability beliefs in elite track and field athletes
Natalie Jowett, Christopher M. Spray

Using segmentation to support the learning from animated soccer scenes: An effect of prior knowledge
Aïmen Khacharem, Ingrid A.E. Spanjers, Bachir Zoudji, Slava Kalyuga, Hubert Ripoll

Accurately locating one’s spatial position in one’s environment during a navigation task: Adaptive activity for finding or setting control flags in orienteering
Martin Mottet, Jacques Saury

Expertise effects on decision-making in sport are constrained by requisite response behaviours – A meta-analysis
B. Travassos, D. Araújo, K. Davids, K. O’Hara, J. Leitão, A. Cortinhas

Teammate social support, burnout, and self-determined motivation in collegiate athletes
J.D. DeFreese, Alan L. Smith

Expertise differences in a video decision-making task: Speed influences on performance
Megan Lorains, Kevin Ball, Clare MacMahon

Stage of physical activity and approach-avoidance achievement goals in university students
Marc Lochbaum, Leslie Podlog, Kyle Litchfield, James Surles, Shelby Hilliard

Exploring the peak and end rule of past affective episodes within the exercise context
Elaine A. Hargreaves, Kate Stych

Does the level of physical exercise affect physiological and psychological responses to psychosocial stress in women?
Sandra Klaperski, Bernadette von Dawans, Markus Heinrichs, Reinhard Fuchs

The role of affect in the decision to exercise: Does being happy lead to a more active lifestyle?
Jennifer R. Allen Catellier, Z. Janet Yang

Feasibility of a Self-Determination Theory-based exercise intervention promoting Healthy at Every Size with sedentary overweight women: Project CHANGE
Ya-Ting Hsu, Janet Buckworth, Brian C. Focht, Ann A. O’Connell

Prevalence, correlates, and psychosocial outcomes of sport participation in young adult cancer survivors
Lisa J. Belanger, Ronald C. Plotnikoff, Alexander M. Clark, Kerry S. Courneya

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