Polish Journal of Sport and Tourism Volume 19, Issue 4, 2013

Polish Journal of Sport and Tourism är open access, det vill säga att samtliga artiklar är tillgängliga i fulltext. Klicka på rubrikerna nedan för att komma till abstractsidan där det finns en länk till pdf-version av artikeln.


Selected Coordination Motor Abilities in Elite Wrestlers and Taekwon-Do Competitors
Gierczuk, Dariusz / Bujak, Zbigniew / Rowiñski, Jan / Dmitriyev, Aleksey
Page 230

Changes in Somatic Parameters and Dynamic Balance in Female Rhythmic Gymnasts Over a Space of Two Years
Poliszczuk, Tatiana / Broda, Daria / Poliszczuk, Dmytro
Page 240

Innovative Modeling Method in Technical Training of High Jumpers
Krivetskiy, Ilya Y. / Popov, Grigoriy I.
Page 253

The State of Development of Equestrian Tourism in the Lublin Region in the Context of Environmental Conditions
Brzezińska-Wójcik, Teresa / Baranowska, Monika
Page 256

The Locus of Control and the Sense of Personal Competence in Young Athletes Practicing Martial Arts
Rutkowska, Katarzyna / Klimczak, Jarosław
Page 271

Teacher Role Model and Students’ Physical Activity
Smuka, Ingrida
Page 281

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