Physical Culture and Sport. Studies and Research, Volume 72, Issue 1

pcssr-dsPlay, Games, Competitions, Production – How to Analyze the Configurations of Sport?
Eichberg, Henning
Page 5

HEPA Promotion in the Environment of Academic Scientists – Preliminary Research
Cynarski, Wojciech J. / Grzywacz, Renata / Kubala, Krzysztof / Kunysz-Rozborska, Magdalena / Podolski, Adam / Pawelec, Przemysław
Page 17

From Forever Foreigners to Model Minority: Asian American Men in Sports
Lee, Yomee
Page 23

Does Sport Event Involvement Influence Brand Recognition of Official Sponsors and Ambush Marketers?
Piątkowska, Monika / Gocłowska, Sylwia
Page 33

Efficiency of Governmental Funding in Hungary
Gulyás, Erika / Sterbenz, Tamás / Kovacs, Eszter
Page 41

Tourist Activity of Senior Citizens (60+) Residing in Urban and Rural Areas
Omelan, Aneta / Podstawski, Robert / Raczkowski, Marek
Page 51

Body Culture, Play and Identity
Eichberg, Henning / Kosiewicz, Jerzy
Page 66

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