Olympika: The International Journal of Olympic Studies, Volume XXVI, 2017


Adam Berg
Protecting the Olympic Movement and Trying to Bury the Winter Games: The IOC, Avery Brundage, and the 1976 Denver Olympics

Lee Hill and Valérie Grand’Maison
Swimming, South Africa and the Olympics: A History of Women’s Participation

Andrew B. Pettit
The Modern Olympic Truce and the Changing Nature of the IOC’s Advocacy for Peace

Jérôme Frigout, Renaud Laporte and Angeline Lepresle
Modelling and Scoring System in Karate

Book Reviews

Antonio Sotomayor. Sovereign Colony: Olympic Sport, National Identity, and International Politics in Puerto Rico
Reviewed by Maria Carreras

Bruce Kidd and Cesar R. Torres. Historicizing the Pan-American Games
Reviewed by Matthew R. Hodler

Jenifer Parks. The Olympic Games, the Soviet Sports Bureaucracy, and the Cold War: Red Sport, Red Tape
Reviewed by Johanna Mellis

Danyel Reiche. Success and Failure of Countries at the Olympic Games
Reviewed by Robert Oliver

Journal Article Reviews

Jean-Loup Chappelet. “From Olympic Administration to Olympic Governance.” Sport in Society 19, no. 6 (2016), 739-751
Reviewed by Lee Hill

Heather L. Dichter. “Corruption in the 1960s?: Rethinking the Origins of Unethical Olympic Bidding Tactics,” The International Journal of the History of Sport 33, no. 6-7 (2016), 666-682
Reviewed by Jörg Krieger

Jonathan Grix, and Nina Kramareva. “The Sochi Winter Olympics and Russia’s Unique Soft Power Strategy.” Sport in Society 20, no. 4 (2017): 461-475
Reviewed by Courtney van Waas

Richard Giulianotti, Gary Armstrong, Gavin Hales and Dick Hobbs, “Global Sport Mega-Events and the Politics of Mobility: The Case of the London 2012 Olympics.” The British Journal of Sociology 66, no.1 (2014), 118-140
Reviewed by Aishwarya Ramachandran

Matthew Llewellyn. “Circumventing Apartheid: Racial Politics and the Issue of South Africa’s Olympic Participation at the 1984 Los Angeles Games.” International Journal of the History of Sport 32, no. 1 (2015): 53-71
Reviewed by Tony Calandrillo

Stephen Pettigrew, & Danyel Reiche. “Hosting the Olympic Games: An Overstated Advantage in Sports History.” The International Journal of the History of Sport 33, nos. 6-7, 2016, 635-647
Reviewed by Thomas Fabian

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