Miroslav Imbrišević on idrottsforum.org

Miroslav Imbrišević is a political and legal philosopher. Until recently he taught political theory at Heythrop College, University of London. In 2018 he began publishing in philosophy of sport, with a particular focus on strategic fouling. Miroslav’s present research area is the normativity of game rules.

Research articles

Why Break the Rules – in Life and in Sport? (ENG 200617)
Sporting Propaganda: The Language of Strategic Fouling (ENG 200928)

Feature articles

Testosterone is not the only Game in Town: The Transgender Woman Athlete (190509)
The Art of Pushing: Olympic Taekwondo (ENG 190523)
What can we learn from Cobra Kai? (ENG 201117)
Imbrišević, Miroslav To Compete, or not to Compete, that is the Question: Which is Nobler for Transwomen Athletes? (210119)