Julklappar från Emerald


Tidskriftsförlaget Emerald, vars utgivning av akademiska tidskrifter inkluderar två titlar som forumet följer, International Journal of Event and Festival Management och Sport, Business and Management: An International Journal, har till sina vänner (och idrottsforum.org är en vän också till Emerald) skickat länkar till 12 vetenskapliga artiklar som anspelar på julen (twelve days of Christmas) och som man låst upp och tillgängliggjort för alla som önskar läsa om till exempel könsskillnader när det gäller val av strategi för informationssökning om julklappar, eller om julhandel i Libanon. Vi vidaresänder listan, från oss alla till er alla!


Image: Christmas gift giving involvement

The act of giving a gift at Christmas is a form of consumption that invokes different levels of involvement. The purpose of this study is to explore and measure involvement in parental Christmas gift giving and giving branded items as gifts.

Image: Gender differences in information search strategies for a Christmas gift

This article takes a look at in-store information search for a Christmas gift, specifically focusing on gender differences. Females, compared to males, were found to start Christmas shopping much earlier and embark on a greater number of shopping trips!

Image: Understanding what Christmas gifts mean to children

The authors of this article attempt to understand what Christmas gifts mean to children by examining the features and styles of the letters that children write to Santa Claus.

Image: Cost analysis: the acquisition of the items listed in a popular Christmas song

A humorous approach is taken in this article, which aims to cost the acquisition of the items listed in a popular Christmas song. It was found that there was a significant increase in costs from 2005 to 2006!

Image: A measure for Christmas spirit

Christmas celebrations are a complex amalgam of motives, strategies, attitudes, rituals, behaviours and relationships. Christmas spirit is an important topic of deep interest to consumer behaviour researchers.

Image: Marketing for Christmas: an opportunity awaits

Dating all the way back to 1968, this article from Emerald’s archives discusses a product which could be the centrepiece of Christmas evenings – the Christmas cake.

Image: Auditing Santa

The paper is a humorous story designed for Christmas reading. The authors find that taxation legislation is difficult to apply to mythical characters!

Image: Christmas shopping in Lebanon

This study examines the personal, situational and socio-demographic factors influencing consumer information search strategies whilst Christmas shopping in a religiously-diverse Middle Eastern country: Lebanon.

Image: Parental communication patterns and children's Christmas requests

This research explores contemporary issues of parental interactions with their children during the gift request ritual. It is timely to explore theory related to this topic because much of the rhetoric around Christmas accentuates the pester power syndrome.

Image: A goat for Christmas: exploring third-party gifts

Some organizations market third-party gifts, in which some goods are given to a developing world beneficiary and at the same time is a present to a recipient in the developed world. Little is known about whether such gifts are successful.

Image: Shopping.

The purpose of this article is to explore how consumers respond to price promotions in stores and on internet channels during a holiday season. Overall, the findings support the effectiveness of price promotions during holiday periods.

Image: Were you a scrooge or a Santa?

A trip back in time, to 1974! How is the practice of giving Christmas bonuses or presents faring in industry? An Industrial Management survey reveals that the practice may be fizzling out…

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