Journal of Sports Science and Medicine Volume 13, Issue 4, December 2014

hamstringThe Effect of Fatigue on Electromyographic Characteristics during Obstacle Crossing of Different Heights in Young Adults
Research article, 724–730
Christos Antonopoulos, Dimitrios Patikas, Nikolaos Koutlianos, Sophia D. Papadopoulou, Dimitrios Chatzopoulos, Konstantinos Hatzikotoulas, Eleni Bassa, Christos Kotzamanidis

Shuttle-Run Sprint Training in Hypoxia for Youth Elite Soccer Players: A Pilot Study
Research article, 731–735
Hannes Gatterer, Marc Philippe, Verena Menz, Florian Mosbach, Martin Faulhaber, Martin Burtscher

Knowledge of Repetitions Range Affects Force Production in Trained Females
Research article, 736–741
Israel Halperin, Saied J. Aboodarda, Fabien A. Basset, David G. Behm

Kinematic and Kinetic Profiles of Trunk and Lower Limbs during Baseball Pitching in Collegiate Pitchers
Research article, 742–750
Masahiro Kageyama, Takashi Sugiyama, Yohei Takai, Hiroaki Kanehisa, Akira Maeda

A Boxing-Oriented Exercise Intervention for Obese Adolescent Males: Findings from a Pilot Study
Case report, 751–757
Sarah P. Shultz, Lee Stoner, Danielle M. Lambrick, Andrew M. Lane

Construct and Concurrent Validation of a New Resistance Intensity Scale for Exercise with Thera-Band® Elastic Bands
Research article, 758–766
Juan C. Colado, Xavier Garcia-Masso, N. Travis Triplett, Joaquin Calatayud, Jorge Flandez, David Behm, Michael E. Rogers

Motor Learning as Young Gymnast’s Talent Indicator
Research article , 767–773
Alessandra di Cagno, Claudia Battaglia, Giovanni Fiorilli, Marina Piazza, Arrigo Giombini, Federica Fagnani, Paolo Borrione, Giuseppe Calcagno, Fabio Pigozzi

Influence of Acute Normobaric Hypoxia on Physiological Variables and Lactate Turn Point Determination in Trained Men
Research article , 774–781
Michael Ofner, Manfred Wonisch, Mario Frei, Gerhard Tschakert, Wolfgang Domej, Julia M. Kröpfl, Hofmann Peter

Effect of Different Attentional Instructions on the Acquisition of a Serial Movement Task
Research article , 782–792
Mei Teng Woo, Jia Yi Chow, Michael Koh

Muscle Synergies of Untrained Subjects during 6 min Maximal Rowing on Slides and Fixed Ergometer
Research article, 793–800
Shazlin Shaharudin, Damiano Zanotto, Sunil Agrawal

Psychometric Properties of the “Sport Motivation Scale (SMS)” Adapted to Physical Education
Research article, 801–807
Antonio Granero-Gallegos, Antonio Baena-Extremera, Manuel Gómez-López, José Antonio Sánchez-Fuentes, J. Arturo Abraldes

Individual and Team Performance in Team-Handball: A Review
Review article, 808–816
Herbert Wagner, Thomas Finkenzeller, Sabine Würth, Serge P. von Duvillard

Hydration Status and Fluid Balance of Elite European Youth Soccer Players during Consecutive Training Sessions
Research article, 817–822
Shaun M. Phillips, Dave Sykes, Neil Gibson

Does Achilles Tendon Cross Sectional Area Differ after Downhill, Level and Uphill Running in Trained Runners?
Research article, 823–828
Katy Andrews Neves, A. Wayne Johnson, Iain Hunter, J. William Myrer

The Effect of Structured Exercise Intervention on Intensity and Volume of Total Physical Activity
Research article, 829–835
Niko Wasenius, Mika Venojärvi, Sirpa Manderoos, Jukka Surakka, Harri Lindholm, Olli J. Heinonen, Sirkka Aunola, Johan G. Eriksson, Esko Mälkiä

Effect of Differing Intensities of Fatiguing Dynamic Contractions on Contralateral Homologous Muscle Performance
Research article, 836–845
Jon-Erik Kawamoto, Saied Jalal Aboodarda, David George Behm

Review of the Status of Learning in Research on Sport Education: Future Research and Practice
Review article, 846–858
Rui Araújo, Isabel Mesquita, Peter A. Hastie

Kinetic Constrained Optimization of the Golf Swing Hub Path
Research article, 859–873
Steven M. Nesbit, Ryan S. McGinnis

Three-Dimensional Analysis of a Ballet Dancer with Ischial Tuberosity Apophysitis. A Case Study
Case report, 874–880
Hanna Pohjola, Mark Sayers, Rebecca Mellifont, Daniel Mellifont, Mika Venojärvi

Effects of Synchronization between Cardiac and Locomotor Rhythms on Oxygen Pulse during Walking
Research article, 881–887
Shinta Takeuchi, Yusuke Nishida, Takashi Mizushima

Physical Activity and Suicide Attempt of South Korean Adolescents – Evidence from the Eight Korea Youth Risk Behaviors Web-based Survey
Research article, 888–893
Kang-Ok Cho

Heavy Resistance Training and Peri-Exercise Ingestion of a Multi-Ingredient Ergogenic Nutritional Supplement in Males: Effects on Body Composition, Muscle Performance and Markers of Muscle Protein Synthesis
Research article, 894–903
Mike Spillane, Neil Schwarz, Darryn S. Willoughby

Influence of Gender and Muscle Architecture Asymmetry on Jump and Sprint Performance
Research article, 904–911
Gerald T. Mangine, David H. Fukuda, Michael B. LaMonica, Adam M. Gonzalez, Adam J. Wells, Jeremy R. Townsend, Adam R. Jajtner, Maren S. Fragala, Jeffrey R. Stout, Jay R. Hoffman

The Effects of Hypobaric Hypoxia on Erythropoiesis, Maximal Oxygen Uptake and Energy Cost of Exercise Under Normoxia in Elite Biathletes
Research article, 912–920
Milosz Czuba, Adam Maszczyk, Dagmara Gerasimuk, Robert Roczniok, Olga Fidos-Czuba, Adam Zając, Artur Gołaś, Aleksandra Mostowik, Jozef Langfort

Frowning and Jaw Clenching Muscle Activity Reflects the Perception of Effort During Incremental Workload Cycling
Research article, 921–928
Ding-Hau Huang, Shih-Wei Chou, Yi-Lang Chen, Wen-Ko Chiou

High Training Volumes are Associated with a Low Number of Self-Reported Sick Days in Elite Endurance Athletes
Research article, 929–933
Sandra Mårtensson, Kristina Nordebo, Christer Malm

Calcineurin-NFAT Signaling and Neurotrophins Control Transformation of Myosin Heavy Chain Isoforms in Rat Soleus Muscle in Response to Aerobic Treadmill Training
Research article, 934–944
Wenfeng Liu, Gan Chen, Fanling Li, Changfa Tang, Dazhong Yin

Upper Limb Static-Stretching Protocol Decreases Maximal Concentric Jump Performance
Research article, 945–950
Paulo H. Marchetti, Fernando H. D. de Oliveira Silva, Enrico G. Soares, Érica P. Serpa, Priscyla S. M. Nardi, Guanis de B. Vilela, David G. Behm

Asymmetry between the Dominant and Non-Dominant Legs in the Kinematics of the Lower Extremities during a Running Single Leg Jump in Collegiate Basketball Players
Research article, 951–957
Takashi Sugiyama, Mai Kameda, Masahiro Kageyama, Kazufusa Kiba, Hiroaki Kanehisa, Akira Maeda

Effects of In-Water Passive Recovery on Sprint Swimming Performance and Heart Rate in Adolescent Swimmers
Research article, 958–963
Rafael A. Casuso, Emilio Martínez-López, Fidel Hita-Contreras, Irene Ruiz-Cazalilla, David Cruz-Díaz, Antonio Martínez-Amat

Seasonal Variation in Objectively Assessed Physical Activity among Young Norwegian Talented Soccer Players: A Description of Daily Physical Activity Level
Research article, 964–968
Stig A. Sæther, Nils P. Aspvik

The Precocity-Longevity Hypothesis Re-Examined: Does Career Start Age in Canadian National Hockey League Players Influence Length of Lifespan?
Letter to editor, 969–970
Srdjan Lemez, Nick Wattie, Chris I. Ardern, Joseph Baker

The Athletic Trainer’s Guide to Differential Diagnosis: A Visual Learning Approach
Book review
Andrew P. Winterstein and Sharon V. Clark

Diabetes and Physical Activity
Book review
J.H. Goedecke and E.O. Ojuka


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