Journal of Sports Economics Vol. 16, No. 8, December 2015

Special Issue: In Honor of the 50th Anniversary of Walter Neale’s “The Peculiar Economics of Professional Sports”

jse-dsEditors’ Introduction: Neale Golden Anniversary
Jaume García, Stefan Késenne, and Plácido Rodríguez

Walter Castle (Terry) Neale
Leo H. Kahane

The Single Entity Status of a Sports League
Stefan Kesenne

Walter C. Neale 50 Years After: Beyond Competitive Balance, the League Standing Effect Tested With French Football Data
Wladimir Andreff and Nicolas Scelles

The Louis–Schmelling Paradox and the League Standing Effect Reconsidered
Brad R. Humphreys and Li Zhou

Market Competition and Threshold Efficiency in the Sports Industry
Young Hoon Lee, Hayley Jang, and Sun Ho Hwang

Book Review
Book Review: The (peculiar) economics of NCAA basketball
Robert Tollison

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