Journal of Sport History, Volume 44, 2017, Number 2

Special Edition: Doing Sport History in the Digital Present

Doing Sport History in the Digital Present
Jennifer J. Sterling, Murray G. Phillips, Mary G. McDonald

Toward a Praxis of Critical Digital Sport History
Jennifer Guiliano

Mining Mind and Body: Approaches and Considerations for Using Topic Modeling to Identify Discourses in Digitized Publications
Amanda Regan

Two Turns around the Digital: Horse Racing, Maps, and Process
Jonathan Silverman

Mapping Politics into the Stadium: Political Demonstrations and Soccer Culture in Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1973–74
Jennifer L. Schaefer

Omeka to ¡Animales! Building a Digital Repository of Research on Argentine Soccer
Rwany Sibaja

Revisiting “Ghosts of the Garden”: Sport History, Modernizing Technology, and the Promise and Perils of Digital Visualization
Ari de Wilde

The Power of Blogging: Rethinking Scholarship and Reshaping Boundaries at Sport in American History
Andrew McGregor

Writing Sport Online: An Analysis of the Pitfalls and Potential of Academic Blogging
Andrew D. Linden, Lindsay Parks Pieper

New Media, Old Methods: Archiving and Close Reading the Sports Blog
Noah Cohan

Toward an Alternative to the Virtual Museum Concept: Collective Memory and the Search for an Inclusive Approach to Digital Triathlon History Making
Jane E. Hunt

The Passionate, Pathologized Bodies of Sports Fans: How the Digital Turn Might Facilitate a New Cultural History of Modern Spectator Sports
Matthew Klugman

Tweet Out?: Twitter, Archived Data, and the Social Memory of Out LGBT Athletes
Gary Osmond

The Culture of Moving Dots: Toward a History of Counting and of What Counts in Basketball
Yago Colás

Digital Sport History, with Costs: An Ecocentric Critique
Dain Tepoel

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