Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology, Volume 40, 2018, Issue 3

Everyone Else Is Doing It: The Association Between Social Identity and Susceptibility to Peer Influence in NCAA Athletes
Scott A. Graupensperger, Alex J. Benson, and M. Blair Evans

Goalkeepers’ Reputations Bias Shot Placement in Soccer Penalties
Florian Müller, Jonathan F. Best, and Rouwen Cañal-Bruland

Chunking, Conscious Processing, and EEG During Sequence Acquisition and Performance Pressure: A Comprehensive Test of Reinvestment Theory
Eduardo Bellomo, Andrew Cooke, and James Hardy

Within-Person Relationships Between Recreational Running and Psychological Well-Being
John B. Nezlek, Marzena Cypryańska, Piotr Cypryański, Karolina Chlebosz, Karolina Jenczylik, Joanna Sztachańska, and Anna M. Zalewska

Mediating Effects of Parents’ Coping Strategies on the Relationship Between Parents’ Emotional Intelligence and Sideline Verbal Behaviors in Youth Soccer
Pedro Teques, Luís Calmeiro, Henrique Martins, Daniel Duarte, and Nicholas L. Holt

Does Visual Attention Impact on Decision Making in Complex Dynamic Events?
Stefanie Hüttermann, Werner F. Helsen, Koen Put, and Daniel Memmert

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