Journal of Sport Administration and Supervision Volume 4

Cover: “Rocky Block” (Artwork by Douglas C. Hess)
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Editor’s Note
J. Michael Martinez

Under Mounting Pressure: A History of Media Influence on Major League Baseball Steroid Policies
Dan DeIuliis & David DeIuliis

Perceptions and General Knowledge of Online Social Networking Activity of University Student Athletes and Non-Student-Athletes
Cody T. Havard, Terry Eddy, Lamar Reams, Rebecca L. Stewart, & Tariq Ahmad

The Impact of Nike Project 40/Generation Adidas Players on Major League Soccer
Carrie W. LeCrom, John P. Selwood, Philipp Daldrup, & Mark Driscoll

Comparing the Academic Performance of High School Athletes and Non-Athletes in Kansas 2008-2009
Angela Lumpkin & Judy Favor

Entry-Level Employment in Intercolliegiate Athletic Departments: Non-Readily Observables and Readily Observable Attributes of Job Candidates
Gonzalo Bravo, Doyeon Won, & David J. Shonk

Managing the Selection of Highly Competitive Interscholastic Sport Teams: Recommendations from Coaches on Cutting Players
Chad Seifried & Tim Casey

Brand Establishment at the University of Chicago: An Investigation of De-Escalation of Commitment in University Athletics
Adrien Bouchet & Michael Hutchinson

The Effect of the Star Sportsmanship Education Module on Parents’ Self-Perceived Sportsmanship Behaviors in Youth Sport
Dwedor W. Ford, Colby B. Jubenville, & Michael B. Phillips

Book Excerpt
LinkedWorking: Generating Success on the World’s Largest Professional Networking Website
Frank Agin & Lewis Howes

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