Journal of Quantitative Analysis in Sports Volume 9, Issue 4, 2013

jqasEquitable handicapping of scramble golf tournaments
Oberhelman, Dennis / Galbreth, Michael / Fry, Timothy
Page 285

Risk management with tournament incentives
Balsdon, Edmund M.
Page 301

The structure, efficacy, and manipulation of double-elimination tournaments
Stanton, Isabelle / Williams, Virginia Vassilevska
Page 319

Effect of position, usage rate, and per game minutes played on NBA player production curves
Page, Garritt L. / Barney, Bradley J. / McGuire, Aaron T.
Page 337

Modeling team compatibility factors using a semi-Markov decision process: a data-driven approach to player selection in soccer
Jarvandi, Ali / Sarkani, Shahram / Mazzuchi, Thomas
Page 347

Ranking the performance of tennis players: an application to women’s professional tennis
Blackburn, McKinley L.
Page 367

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