Journal of Quantitative Analysis in Sports Volume 11, Issue 1, March 2015

Special issue: Prediction methodology for the NCAA men‘s basketball tournament


Introduction to the NCAA men’s basketball prediction methods issue
Glickman, Mark E. / Sonas, Jeff
Page 1
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Research Articles

Building an NCAA men’s basketball predictive model and quantifying its success
Lopez, Michael J. / Matthews, Gregory J.
Page 5
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A mixture-of-modelers approach to forecasting NCAA tournament outcomes
Yuan, Lo-Hua / Liu, Anthony / Yeh, Alec / Kaufman, Aaron / Reece, Andrew / Bull, Peter / Franks, Alex / Wang, Sherrie / Illushin, Dmitri / Bornn, Luke
Page 13
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Nearest-neighbor matchup effects: accounting for team matchups for predicting March Madness
Hoegh, Andrew / Carzolio, Marcos / Crandell, Ian / Hu, Xinran / Roberts, Lucas / Song, Yuhyun / Leman, Scotland C.
Page 29
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A generative model for predicting outcomes in college basketball
Ruiz, Francisco J. R. / Perez-Cruz, Fernando
Page 39
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A new approach to bracket prediction in the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament based on a dual-proportion likelihood
Gupta, Ajay Andrew
Page 53
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