Journal of Imagery Research in Sport and Physical Activity Volume 8, Issue 1

jirspa-dsA Qualitative Analysis of Athletes’ Voluntary Image Speed Use
O, Jenny / Hall, Craig R.
Page 1

Methodological Variations in Guided Imagery Interventions Using Movement Imagery Scripts in Sport: A Systematic Review
Cooley, Sam J. / Williams, Sarah E. / Burns, Victoria E. / Cumming, Jennifer
Page 13

Corticospinal Excitability Following Short-Term Motor Imagery Training of a Strength Task
Leung, Michael C.M. / Spittle, Michael / Kidgell, Dawson J.
Page 35

Acute Effects of Motor Imagery on Performance and Neuromuscular Control in Maximal Drop Jumps
Bergmann, Julian / Kumpulainen, Susanne / Avela, Janne / Gruber, Markus
Page 45

Are Intentional Processes with Tool Use Similar for Simulated and Executed Actions?
Gabbard, Carl / Caçola, Priscila
Page 55

Benefits of Motor and Exercise Imagery for Older Adults
Kalicinski, Michael / Lobinger, Babett H.
Page 61

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