Journal of Imagery Research in Sport and Physical Activity Volume 10, Issue 1

jirspa-dsExamining Developmental Differences in Imagery Use with Youth Soccer Players
Gregg, Melanie / Strachan, Leisha
Page 1

The Use of Imagery by Portuguese Soccer Goalkeepers
Ribeiro, Joana / Madeira, João / Dias, Cláudia / Stewart, Lindsay Ross / Corte-Real, Nuno / Fonseca, António
Page 9

The Effects of a PETTLEP Imagery Intervention on the Learning of a Complex Motor Skill 
Post, Phillip G. / Williams, Cody D. / Simpson, Duncan / Berning, Joseph M.
Page 19

Considerations for Conducting Imagery Interventions in Physical Education Settings
Westlund Stewart, Nicole / Divine, Alison / O, Jenny / Law, Barbi
Page 31

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