Journal for the Study of Sports and Athletes in Education Volume 8, Issue 1 (April 2014)

jssae-dsOrganizational Factors that Contribute to the Spiritual Development of College Athletes: A Case Study of a Religious University
Calvin Nite, John N. Singer
pp. 1–18 | Abstract | References

Examining the Influence of Athletic Participation in Evaluation of Entry-Level Positions In Financial Services: An Application of Role Congruity Theory
Heidi Grappendorf, Laura J. Burton
pp. 19–32 | Abstract | References

Does a Glass Ceiling Persist in Intercollegiate Athletics?
Angela Lumpkin, Regan K. Dodd, Lacole McPherson
pp. 33–46 | Abstract | References

An Investigation of Financial Spending and Distributive Justice Principles in NCAA Division I Athletic Departments
Coyte G. Cooper, Danielle Gaynor, Edgar W. Shields, Barbara Osborne
pp. 47–64 | Abstract | References

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