International Journal of the Sociology of Leisure Vol. 2, 2019, Issue 1–2


Open Access
Introduction to Special Issue on RC 13 Sessions (Sociology of Leisure) at the 2018 International Sociological Association World Congress
Shintaro Kono, Karl Spracklen
Pages 1-6


Unequal leisure opportunities across genders – overwhelmed women
Klára Tarkó, Zsuzsanna Benkő
Pages 7-26

The Digital Nomad Lifestyle: (Remote) Work/Leisure Balance, Privilege, and Constructed Community
Beverly Yuen Thompson
Pages 27-42

Sapucaí Street: Entertainment Hub and Commercial Gentrification in Belo Horizonte
Clarissa dos Santos Veloso & Luciana Teixeira de Andrade
Pages 43-61

An Analysis of Transformations in the Mass Media Constructions of Black Women’s Hair through Leisure Reading: a Case Study of Drum Hair Magazine
Aretha Oluwakemi Asakitikpi & Miliswa Tamara Choene
Pages 63-94

Open Access
Developments in Information Technology and the Sexual Depression of Japanese Youth since 2000
Maki Hirayama
Pages 95-119

Household Expenditure on Leisure: a Comparative Study of Italian Households with Children from Y- and Z-Generation
Simona Diliberto, Michele Tumminello & Fabio M. Lo Verde
Pages 121-146

Cities Regulated by Cultural Events: Tracking Music Festivals in Lisbon and São Paulo
Paulo Nunes
Pages 147-162

Forecasting the Social Return on Investment Associated with Children’s Participation in Circus-Arts Training on their Mental Health and Well-Being
Richard McGrath, Kristen Stevens
Pages 163-193

Open Access
Playing in the Shadow of Event Urbanism: Newcomer Youth, Neighborhood Change, and TO2015
Amanda De Lisio, Gregory Yerashotis & Caroline Fusco
Pages 195-218

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