International Journal of Sports Science and Coaching, Volume 17, 2022, Issue 3

Original research

Open Access
Exploring youth sport coaches’ perceptions of intended outcomes of leadership behaviours
Matthew EC McGuckin, Jennifer Turnnidge, Mark W Bruner, Jordan S Lefebvre, and Jean Côté

The role of coaching identity and life purpose orientations in holistic athlete development
Mariya A. Yukhymenko-Lescroart and Gitima Sharma

Open Access
If you build it, will they come? Assessing coaches’ perceptions of a sport psychology website
Jade Farhat, Sarah Deck, Marc Mitchell, Craig Hall, Barbi Law, Melanie Gregg, J. Paige Pope, and Kendra Nelson Ferguson

Using sport science data in collegiate athletics: Coaches’ perspectives
Erica L Rauff, Augustine Herman, Douglas Berninger, Sean Machak, and Sarah P Shultz

Life satisfaction of Paralympians: The role of needs satisfaction and passion
Filipe Rodrigues, Geneviève A. Mageau, Emilie Lemelin, Diogo Teixeira, Anabela Vitorino, Luís Cid, and Diogo Monteiro

Two sides of the same coin: Exploring how the bright and dark sides of team cohesion can influence sport team performance
Sanghyun Park, Seungmo Kim, and Marshall J Magnusen

Open Access
The current landscape of youth multi-sport training: athlete and parent insight data
Nicola J Robinson, Stephen J McQuilliam, Timothy F Donovan, Carl Langan-Evans, and Amy Whitehead

Exploring how limiting the number of ball touches during small-sided games affects youth football players’ performance across different age groups
Diogo Coutinho, Bruno Gonçalves, Sara Santos, Bruno Travassos, Hugo Folgado, and Jaime Sampaio

The influence of running performance on scoring the first goal in a soccer match
Maximilian Klemp, Daniel Memmert, and Robert Rein

Acutely increased workload is correlated with significant injuries among national basketball association players
Matthew J Orringer and Nirav K Pandya

The influence of calculation method and relative strength on the load-velocity relationship in bench press exercise
Iker J Bautista, Fernando Martín-Rivera, Isidoro Martínez, Gregory G Haff, and Sergio Maroto-Izquierdo


Predicting change-of-direction performance in elite young badminton players: A multiple regression analysis on acceleration- and deceleration-related qualities
Irineu Loturco, Lucas A. Pereira, Francisco Alvarez-Dacal, Jonathan Martinez-Maseda, Tomás T. Freitas, and Jaime Fernandez-Fernandez


Wall Drop Punt Kick & Catch: Contributions towards the creation of a new gross manipulative coordination test
Rui Matos, Diogo Monteiro, Ricardo Rebelo-Gonçalves, Luís Coelho, Rogério Salvador, Raul Antunes, Diogo Mendes, and Nuno Amaro

A biomechanical comparison of different baseball batting training methods
Wei-Han Chen, Yu-Cheng Chiu, Chiang Liu, Ming-Sheng Chan, Nicholas J Fiolo, and Tzyy-Yuang Shiang

A descriptive and exploratory study of factors contributing to augmented feedback duration in professional Australian football practice Rhys Tribolet, William Bradshaw Sheehan, Andrew Roman Novak, Mark Langley Watsford, and Job Fransen

Open Access
Relationships between heart rate variability and indirect indicators of hydration status in elite male field hockey players
Jason D Vescovi, Iva Mandic, and Greig Watson

Open Access
Players at home: Physical activity and quality of life in 12–17 years-old football (soccer) players during the Covid-19 lockdown
Matteo Zago, Nicola Lovecchio, and Manuela Galli


Revisiting youth player development in Australian Rules Football: Is there a place for bio-banding?
Fraser G Thurlow, Rich J Kite, and Sean P Cumming

How external and internal focus are used in the field: A review
Masahiro Yamada, Lauren Q. Higgins, and Louisa Raisbeck

Open Access
Riding to the top – A systematic review on multidimensional performance indicators in surfing
Fabian C Klingner, Florian P Klingner, and Marije T Elferink-Gemser

How do athletes cause ball flight path deviation in high-performance interceptive ball sports? A systematic review Cody Lindsay, Brad Clark, Kane Middleton, Rian Crowther, and Wayne Spratford

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