International Journal of Sports Science and Coaching, Volume 16, 2021, Issue 5

Original research

Nonverbal expressions of soccer coaches during the game and their potential effects on observers
Fanny Thrien and Philip Furley

Reciprocal and non-reciprocal employee–organization relationship: The mediating roles of felt obligation and workplace familism among collegiate coaches
Doyeon Won, Gonzalo A Bravo, and Weisheng Chiu

A Chinese perspective on the actual and preferred sources of coaching knowledge Xiangbo Ji, Jianhua Xu, Liping Cheng, Jianfei Sun, and Xiaocheng Zhang

Open Access
Skill acquisition practices of coaches on the British Para swimming World Class Programme
D Powell, G Wood, PE Kearney, and C Payton

The effect of grunting on overhead throwing velocity in collegiate baseball pitchers
Justin E Tammany, Dennis G O’Connell, Sarah E Latham, Jordan A Rogers, and Taylor S Sugar

The Portuguese referee performance model
Sérgio Mendes, Ema Patrícia Oliveira, Diogo Monteiro, and Bruno Travassos

Understanding variability in defense against direct screens in basketball
Raúl Sánchez-García and Dafne Muntanyola-Saura

Open Access
Age-related changes in the performance of bowlers in Test match cricket
Jack Thorley

Changes in selected locomotor skills of young runners after one athletic season: Influence of sex and age
Josune Rodriguez-Negro, Iñaki Llodio, Daniel Castillo, Estibaliz Romaratezabala, and Javier Yanci

Position specific peak impact and running demands of professional rugby union players during game play
Rebecca J Peek, Kane J Middleton, Paul B Gastin, David L Carey, and Anthea C Clarke

Open Access
Quantification of training and match-play load across a season in professional youth football players
Patrick C Maughan, Niall G MacFarlane, and Paul A Swinton


Open Access
Investigating the most important aspect of elite grass court tennis: Short points
Anna Fitzpatrick, Joseph A Stone, Simon Choppin, and John Kelley

The effects of lower-limb wearable resistance on sprint performance in high school American football athletes: A nine-week training study
Erin H Feser, Christian Korfist, Kyle Lindley, Neil E Bezodis, Kenneth Clark, and John Cronin

Warm up intensity influences running performance despite prolonged recovery
Hunter L Paris, Erin C Sinai, Margaret A Leist, Carrington M Crain, Alexandra M Keller, William Malysa, and Shelby C Renzullo

Research note

Does context matter? Unpacking differences in program quality and developmental experiences across competitive and recreational youth sport
Corliss Bean, Majidullah Shaikh, Sara Kramers, and Tanya Forneris


Open Access
Towards a contemporary player learning in development framework for sports practitioners
Mark O Sullivan, Carl T Woods, James Vaughan, and Keith Davids

Strength training for throwing velocity enhancement in overhead throw: A systematic review and meta-analysis
D Martínez-García, LJ Chirosa Ríos, A Rodriguez-Perea, D Ulloa-Díaz, D Jerez-Mayorga, and IJ Chirosa Ríos

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