International Journal of Sports Science and Coaching, Volume 14, 2019, Issue 5

Original research

Coach–athlete relationships, basic psychological needs satisfaction and thwarting, and the teaching of life skills in Canadian high school sport
Martin Camiré, Scott Rathwell, Stéphanie Turgeon, and Kelsey Kendellen

‘Everyone gets a kick’: Coach characteristics and approaches to inclusion in an Australian Rules Football program for children
Tamara May, Carmel Sivaratnam, Katrina Williams, Jane McGillivray, Andrew Whitehouse, and Nicole J Rinehart

The coach–scientist relationship in high-performance sport: Biomechanics and sprint coaches
Amy Waters, Elissa Phillips, Derek Panchuk, and Andrew Dawson

The role of the upper and lower limbs in front crawl swimming: The thoughts and practices of expert high-performance swimming coaches
Kirstin S Morris, David G Jenkins, Mark A Osborne, Steven B Rynne, Megan E Shephard, and Tina L Skinner

Relationships between elite adolescent athletes’ perceptions of parental behaviors and their motivational processes: Does sex matter?
Noémie Lienhart, Virginie Nicaise, Guillaume Martinent, Emma Guillet-Descas, and Julien Bois

The use of multiple externally directed attentional focus cues facilitates motor learning
Kevin A Becker and Jeffrey T Fairbrother

Associations between ground reaction force waveforms and sprint start performance
Steffi L Colyer, Philip Graham-Smith, and Aki IT Salo

Analysing the short-term impact of substitutes vs. starters in international rugby
Isaac Michael, Benjamin G Serpell, Carmen M Colomer, and Jocelyn K Mara

Wearable resistance acutely enhances club head speed in skilled female golfers
Paul Macadam, Anita Chau, and John Cronin

Case studies

Coaches’ implementation strategies in providing social support to Singaporean university athletes: A case study
Koon Teck Koh, Marja Kokkonen, and Heng Rang Bryan Law

Three Norwegian brothers all European 1500 m champions: What is the secret?
Leif I Tjelta

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