International Journal of Sports Science and Coaching, Volume 14, 2019, Issue 2

Original research

Developing creative team games players: From jazz to sport coaching
Manuel Santos and Kevin Morgan

A heuristic for the relationship between caring coaching and elite athlete performance
Leslee A Fisher, Leslie K Larsen, Matthew P Bejar, and Terilyn C Shigeno

Design and validation of an observational instrument for defence in soccer based on the Dynamical Systems Theory
Tiago Fernandes, Oleguer Camerino, Júlio Garganta, Rogério Pereira, and Daniel Barreira

Knowledge and attitudes towards concussion in UK-based male ice hockey players: A need for attitude change?
Sarah Hutchinson, Paul Ellison, Andrew Levy, and David Marchant

Types of evidence used in Canadian provincial sport organisations
Kurtis Pankow, Katherine A Tamminen, Martin Camiré, Dany J MacDonald, Leisha Strachan, and Nicholas L Holt

How do lean and non-lean female collegiate athletes view the eating disorder education they receive from their coaches?
Jarrod C Hines, Whitney L Wendorf, Alexes N Hennen, Kelsey L Hauser, Madeline M Mitchell, and Jillian M Homa

Assessing basketball offensive structure: The role of concatenations in space creation dynamics
Felipe Santana, Gilbert Fellingham, Wellington Rangel, Carlos Ugrinowitsch, and Leonardo Lamas

Case study

Analysis of ball carrier head motion during a rugby union tackle without direct head contact: A case study
Gregory J Tierney, Kevin Gildea, Tron Krosshaug, and Ciaran K Simms

Research note

The socially effective leader: Exploring the relationship between athletic director political skill and coach commitment and job satisfaction
G Matthew Robinson, Mar Magnusen, and Jun W Kim


A decade of research literature in sport coaching (2005–2015)
Janelle M Griffo, Melissa Jensen, Chantel C Anthony, Timothy Baghurst, and Pamela Hodges Kulinna

Research review on coaches’ perceptions regarding the teaching strategies experienced in coach education programs
Vitor Ciampolini, Michel Milistetd, Steven B Rynne, Vinicius Zeilmann Brasil, and Juarez Vieira do Nascimento

The effectiveness of constraints-led training on skill development in interceptive sports: A systematic review
Matthew E Clark, Kayla McEwan, and Candice J Christie

The effectiveness of constraint-led training on skill development in interceptive sports: A systematic review (Clark, McEwan and Christie) – A Commentary
Daniel J Newcombe, William M Roberts, Ian Renshaw, and Keith Davids

Participation can make a difference to be competitive in sports: A systematic review on the relation between complex motor development and self-controlled learning settings
David Jaitner and Filip Mess

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