Communication & Sport Vol. 3, No. 1, March 2015

Special Issue: “Mapping the Terrain”: Shaping the Landscape of Communication and Sport Scholarship

Michael L. Butterworth and Jeffrey W. Kassing


Research in Communication, Disability, and Sport
James L. Cherney, Kurt Lindemann, and Marie Hardin

Crossing Boundaries: An Examination of Sustainability Department and Athletics Department Collaboration Regarding Environmental Issues
Michael Pfahl, Jonathan Casper, Sylvia Trendafilova, Brian P. McCullough, and Sheila N. Nguyen

Blowing the Whistle Off the Field of Play: An Empirical Model of Whistle-Blower Experiences in the Intercollegiate Sport Industry
Brian K. Richardson and Joseph McGlynn

Whiners Go Home: Tough Mudder, Conspicuous Consumption, and the Rhetorical Proof of “Fitness”
Matthew D. Lamb and Cory Hillman

Sports Teams as Organizations: A Leader–Member Exchange Perspective of Player Communication With Coaches and Teammates
Gregory A. Cranmer and Scott A. Myers

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