Communication & Sport Vol. 1, No. 4, December 2013


The Elementary Forms of Sports Fandom: A Durkheimian Exploration of Team Myths, Kinship, and Totemic Rituals
Michael Serazio
Communication & Sport 2013;1 303-325

Soccer, Broadcasting, and Narrative: On Televising a Live Soccer Match
Andrew Barnfield
Communication & Sport 2013;1 326-341

A Media Frames Analysis of the Legacy Discourse for the 2010 Winter Paralympic Games
Laura Misener
Communication & Sport 2013;1 342-364

Digital Hoops History: NBA 2K12 and Remediating Basketball’s Past
Andrew Baerg
Communication & Sport 2013;1 365-381

Morality in the Mountains: Risk, Responsibility, and Neoliberalism in Newspaper Accounts of Backcountry Rescue
Jason Laurendeau and Sara Moroz
Communication & Sport 2013;1 382-399

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