Call for Participation | Historicizing the Pan American Games Colloquium | April 20–21, 2015, University or Toronto

Some of the colloqium speakers: Mark Dyreson, Sarah Teetzel, Mariadele Di Blasio, Bruce Kidd.

Since 1951, the Pan-American Games have been uninterruptedly held every four years in different cities of the Western Hemisphere.

Their aspiration, modelled after the Olympic Games, is to “strengthen and cement the bonds of friendship and solidarity among the peoples of America’ and their multilingual motto, “América, Espírito, Sport, Fraternité.” The Games have contributed to city-building and sport development wherever they have been held. Yet in spite of their lofty aspiration and rich history, the Pan-American Games have rarely attracted the attention of scholars.

This conference will attempt to overcome that scholarly deficit by historicizing the Pan-American Games and the narratives, policies and legacies they have promoted over the years. It will feature papers from an international array of scholars, as well as a session on Toronto 2015.

The Historicizing the Pan American Games Colloquium is open to the public and registration is free.

Please visit the colloquium homepage for program, speakers, and further information.

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