Call for Participation | ISSA Zoom panel, October 8/9, 2020: The Consequences of Covid-19 for Women’s Sport

With ISSA 2020 nearly upon us, Madeleine Papei s an excited moderator inviting us to join them this Thursday for a panel of outstanding gender and sport scholars from the US, Australia, and NZ discussing the impact of COVID-19 on women’s sport at elite/professional/grassroots levels. All ISSA 2020 sessions are free and open to members and non-members alike.

Our esteemed speakers are: 

      • Cheryl Cooky (US);
      • Nicole LaVoi (US);
      • Fiona MacLachlan (AU);
      • Holly Thorpe (NZ)

Organizer: Lucie Schoch, University of Lausanne;
Moderator: Madeleine Pape, University of Lausanne

Time/date for

      • North America: Oct 8th, 5pm EDT / 4pm CDT
      • Europe: Oct 8th, 10pm CET / 9pm GMT (Summer Time)
      • Australia (Brisbane): Oct 9th, 6am AEST
      • New Zealand (Auckland); Oct 9, 9am NZDT
      • … and more…

Zoom link: (Passcode: 422939)

Panel description

The aim of this virtual panel is to discuss the potential impacts of the coronavirus crisis on women’s sport. When the World Health Organization declared a global pandemic, the majority of sports leagues around the world were cancelled, suspended or postponed. While men’s leagues and championships are now subsequently able to return, the situation appears to be proceeding more slowly for women. There are good reasons to believe that the pandemic will disproportionately and significantly impact women’s sport and that those impacts could be long-lasting. Indeed, the pandemic seems to have exposed the veneer of genuine support for the development of women’s sport at professional and elite levels, with likely consequences for grassroots participation as well. The panel considers key questions about (1) How is the coronavirus pandemic affecting women sport in different parts of the world and at different levels? (2) What does it reveal regarding women’s place in sport and its presumed “progress” in recent years? (3) What will Covid-19 mean for the future of women’s sport, and what might sports governing bodies do differently to ensure the current crisis transforms the vastly unequal structures of sport for the better?


This is just one of many great panels that you can join for the ISSA conference this year, please do check out the full schedule. Hope to see some NASSS faces on the call this Thursday!
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