Call for Papers | Sport in the City: Mobility, Urbanity and Social Change | EASS 2016, 4–7 May, University of Copenhagen



Welcome to the 2016 EASS conference. The 13th EASS conference Sport in the City: Mobility, Urbanity and Social Change will be held in the Department of Nutrition, Exercise and Sports (NEXS) at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, from 4-7 May 2016.

Copenhagen is the city of cities when it comes to exercise and movement. The urban way of life is spreading in the entire western world and to a great extent influences the social interactions for better or worse. Late modern lifestyles full of physical activity form the urban landscape and shape a city, which is alive, open, and creative, but the social change processes also establish outsider groups in the shadows of the periphery. Social inequality and exclusion leave footprints in the dusty gravel of the parks.

The city as a phenomenon is growing and thus also the life forms of the city. Perhaps because of this, living a sporty and healthy lifestyle is relevant like never before.

We invite those interested in the study of sport and society to address issues within a wide range of classic domains and newly emerging ones. We are pleased to announce our keynote speakers: 

  • Professor Nick Crossley, University of Manchester, UK
  • Professor Joseph Maguire, Loughborough University, UK
  • Professor Emeritus Gertrud Pfister, University of Copenhagen, DK

Call for papers

The city as a phenomenon is growing, and urban lifestyles are increasingly differentiated. Consequently, the possibilities for people in the urban environment to live a healthy lifestyle, and to participate in sport and exercise, are relevant like never before. Problems with sedentary lifestyles and their related diseases, including diabetes, obesity-related illness, heart disease and cancer can mirror the conditions of city life.

Urban life is shaped by short distances, heightened transportation by car and train and the prevalence of consumer lifestyles, which can make inactivity endemic. Moreover, urban life is a matter of time, performance and distinction, where urban cultures and tastes co-exist but also compete for city spaces. Here, physical activity and sport contribute to the urban landscape and shape a city, which is alive, open and creative, at the same time as social processes also push outsider groups into the shadows of the periphery.

Furthermore, competition for resources has become coupled with economic crises in the western world and mass migrations into Europe, which present a unique challenge to national welfare systems and systems of governance.

Such political, structural, and cultural changes require sports organisations consider new ways to develop cohesive systems of provision at state, regional, local and virtual levels. At the same time, community building characters in sport are in demand in a time where social media is an ever-present part of everyday life. We invite those interested in the study of sport and society to address issues within a wide range of classic domains and newly emerging ones, including (but not limited to):

    • Social Theory and Sport
    • Sport and Health
    • Sport and Disability
    • Sport and the Body
    • Sport and Ageing
    • Sport and Gender
    • Sport, ‘Race’ and Ethnicity
    • Sport and the Media
    • Sport, Globalisation & Migration
    • Sport Development
    • Sport in the Urban Environment
    • Sport, Lifestyle and Mobility
    • Voluntarism and Sport
    • Sport, Modernity and Social Change
    • Sport and Nationality
    • Management and Organisation of Sport
    • Sport Policy and Governance
    • Sport, Social Cohesion and Social Capital
    • Open Theme

We invite you to visit our official website: On the website you are able to make your registration and submit your abstract of max. 300 words.

Important dates

  • Deadline for submission of abstracts: 31 January 2016.
  • Abstract approval: 29 February 2016.
  • Early Bird registration deadline: 29 February 2016.
  • Registration for presenting authors deadline: 17 April 2016.

For all inquiries please contact

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