Call for Papers | “School Athletic Branding and Visual Identity” | Special issue of the Journal of Contemporary Athletics. Call ends May 12, 2017

The Journal of Contemporary Athletics invites you to submit a manuscript for publication for a special issue addressing School Athletic Branding and Visual Identity. Dr. Jason W. Lee from the University of North Florida is serving as guest editor for the special issue. The purpose of the special issue is to provide a forum for the dissemination of insightful articles addressing the nuances associated with education institution branding. Academic institutions, both at the higher education and secondary school levels, offer thought-provoking points of discussion regarding effective organizational brand management.

This special issue is intended to provide a forum for the academic examination of higher education and high school institution brands, including visual identity and other related marketing components associated with school-sponsored athletics. Every school has its own unique story to tell and by examining interscholastic and intercollegiate brands, readers are able to benefit from seeing the successes, failures, and unique attributes tied to each individual institution.

Brand examinations can include investigations of the schools themselves, as well as other related inquiry associated with events, places, and other points of interest tied to academic institutions and their athletic programs. Articles in this special issue may utilize research using a variety of qualitative and quantitative methods or conceptual frameworks.

Sample areas of academic interest can include relevant investigations/applications:

    • School brand identity, brand image, brand personality, brand reputation, brand equity, etc.
    • Institutional rebranding initiatives
    • Academic institution marketing and public relations practices
    • Institutional visual identity elements
    • Divisive symbols, images, and nicknames (team names, mascots, etc.)
    • School stakeholder considerations
    • Rivalries
    • School traditions
    • Social media brand communication practices
    • School case studies
    • People branding in the context of the university or school setting
    • Branding implications of interscholastic/intercollegiate events (i.e., bowl games, all-star games)
    • Media examinations associated with high school and/or university branding

The deadline for the special issue is Friday, May 12th. Inquiries and submissions are to be sent to the special issue’s guest editor Jason W. Lee via email at

Additional information about the Journal of Contemporary Athletics is available at:

Further information pertaining to the journal’s submission guidelines are available at:
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