Call for Papers | North American Society of the Sociology of Sport 2015 Conference, Santa Fe, New Mexico

North American Society of the Sociology of Sport 2015 Conference
Santa Fe, New Mexico | El Dorado Hotel and Spa

Sports at/on the Borderlands:
Translations, Transitions, and Transgressions


On behalf of the 2015 conference committee, it is my pleasure to distribute the Call for Abstracts. Below you will find a list of the organized sessions for the 2015 conference. I am confident that you will agree the organizers have developed creative, thought-provoking, and timely sessions. As the conference organizer, I was quite pleased to see how many of the sessions reflect, resonate, and engage with the conference theme. Thank you again to all the session organizers who offered their time to organize a session. It is much appreciated!

Please review the abstracts below. Abstract authors are strongly encouraged to submit to one of the organized sessions. However, for authors who do not see their paper fitting in with one of the organized sessions, there is also the option to submit to the “open” session. Authors submitting to the “open” session are asked to indicate if they are willing to serve as an organizer and/ or moderator of a session. The conference organizer and committee will do their best to ensure abstracts find an appropriate home.

Conference Committee Chair,
Cheryl Cooky.

Please note, due to time, space, and scheduling constraints, we ask that authors submit only one abstract as first author. Authors who wish to submit more than one abstract may do so provided they are not the first author on subsequent abstract submission(s). Abstract authors submitting to multiple sessions (and organizers of multiple sessions) should be prepared well in advance of the conference to have a collaborator or colleague present or moderate should there be a scheduling conflict. In addition, the conference organizer is not obligated to accommodate specific requests or preferences regarding time or date of a session or paper. As such, session organizers, moderators, and presenters/ authors are expected to be available for the duration of the time when conference sessions are scheduled. Sessions begin in the morning on Thursday November 5 (typically around 8am) and end in the afternoon on Saturday November 7 (typically around 3-4pm). There will always be someone who is first, and someone who is last. Your understanding regarding the tremendous work that is involved in organizing the conference is much appreciated by the conference organizer and committee! (I am a tough Cooky, as they say!).

Timeline: Deadline for submission of abstracts to session organizers is June 15, 2015. Session organizers will notify authors of abstract acceptance and submit the completed sessions (4-5 papers/presentations per session, and in cases where there are a number of abstracts submitted, session organizers are encouraged to organize multiple sessions) no later than June 30, 2015 to the conference organizer, Cheryl Cooky at

Format: Abstracts should include the name, institutional affiliation, and email address of the author/s; a title of no more than 10 words; and a brief abstract (100-150 words maximum) that describes the paper presentation and ideally how the session fits into the conference theme. Please submit abstracts to the appropriate session organizer as a MS Word document with Times New Roman 12 point font, 1-inch margins, left-justified text. For open session abstract submissions, please submit abstracts to the Conference Committee Chair, Cheryl Cooky at

Santa Fe +1 Initiative: In partnership with the Diversity and Conference Climate Committee Interim Chair, Dr. Algerian Hart, the 2015 Conference Committee is pleased to announce the “Santa Fe +1” initiative. The goal of this initiative is to expand the audience for the NASSS conference and to our community of scholars to those who have never attended the NASSS conference or who have not attended for some time. Members are encouraged to contact or bring a +1; this can be a colleague, student, peer, or friend who has never attended a NASSS conference. Invite your +1 to participate/ submit/present at the conference. As you are considering organizing a session and/ or submitting an abstract, we encourage you to distribute the announcements and Calls to your networks, and send an invitation to submit a session or an abstract to your +1.

List of organized sessions

  • Beyond the Bell: Race, Class, and the Student-Athlete Experience
  • Black Lives Matter: Race, Sport, Activism, and Social Change
  • Centering, Complicating, and Challenging the Browning of North American Sport
  • Changing the Borders of NASSS: How Outsiders Have Become Insiders
  • Communicating Social Behaviors of College Athletic Departments & Student-Athletes
  • Contested Corporeal Borders and the (In)active Fat Body
  • Crossing Academic Borders in the Study of Sport
  • Crossing the Border: Examining the Myth Surrounding Division I Sports
  • Digital media reinforcing or challenging sport borders
  • Ethical Borderlands: Sport and Media Ethics in the Public Sphere
  • Feminist practices, politics, and theories in sport
  • Flexibility
  • Gays/Lesbians in Rugby: Tackling the Borders of ‘Straight Sport’
  • Graduate Assistants: Straddling the Boundary Between Student and Professional
  • Here are the kids: Sport, young people, and (contested) borders
  • Inclusive Places: Exclusive Spaces, Re-Defining Sport Segregation
  • Indigeneity, Chicanismo, and Physical Culture
  • Interrogating and Expanding Borders: Sport, Society, and Technology
  • Music and embodiment: Practice, politics and performance
  • Navigating Racial Barriers in Eurocentric Sport(ing) Institutions
  • OPEN
  • Pushing the Boundaries: Sociological Examinations of Endurance Sports
  • The Quest for Deviant Excitement: Sport as a Space for Transgressive Behavior.
  • Race and Professional Sports
  • Racialised sporting bodies between/across/against the borders(s)
  • Red, White, Blue and Green: Perspectives on the US-Mexico Soccer Rivalry
  • Remembering Paul Robeson: Examining the scholar-activist-athlete
  • Research(ing) across Racial and Cultural Boundaries: Qualitative Inquiry in Sport
  • Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
  • The Social Criticism of Sport: An Interdisciplinary Perspective
  • Socio-Legal Aspects of Sport
  • Sociology of Sports Coaching
  • Sport and the (racialized) borders of sex and gender
  • Sport, citizenship, and internal boundaries to belonging
  • Sport and Gendered Violence
  • Sport and Marriage
  • Sport and Visual Culture
  • STOMP the yard: Black athletes and Black Greek Letter Organizations
  • Tips, Tricks and Techniques for Teaching the Sociology of Sport
  • To a Greater Goal/Vers le Grand But: Women’s Soccer in 2015
  • Transgressing Deficit Analyses Through a Strengths and Hope Perspective

For a detailed description of the sessions, click here.

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