Second Call for Papers, Journal of Policy Research in Tourism, Leisure and Events: Social Justice & Events-related Policy


Call for Papers for Special Issue of Journal of Policy Research in Tourism, Leisure and Events (published 2015) in Social Justice & Events-related Policy

jprtle-dsThere is an expectation that tourism, leisure and events organisations, management professionals and public bodies have a responsibility not only to support audiences and participants, but also to champion hosting communities. However, in order fully to evaluate this, it is necessary to look more holistically beyond economic and instrumental aspects, including shedding light on the less salubrious social and cultural practices often associated with today’s spectacles. Along with analyses of mega-event contexts, there is also scope to focus more locally and examine how policies related to globalisation processes are affecting communities within social justice frameworks. It is expected that a special issue highlighting policy research undertaken in this area will contribute to knowledge in understanding the ways in which events-related socio-economic policies have an impact on people and places. It also has the potential to further discourses related to power relations, sites of challenge and resistance, and models of best practice.

The rationale for showcasing policy research focusing on social justice and events stems from the reality that more countries, including industrial-developed nations as well as emerging countries such as India and Brazil, are investing more and more in planned events. This provides a research opportunity for further examination of approaches towards social policies, human rights, equality and diversity, and other aspects of social justice within tourism, events management and leisure studies policy frameworks.

It is expected that submissions will be critical, draw upon a range of theoretical frameworks and methodologies, and make an international and inter-disciplinary contribution to understanding the contemporary landscape of research related to social justice and events-related policy.

Please send expressions of interest with a brief summary of work to Dr Rebecca Finkel ( ) with full papers due in early spring 2014.

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