Call for Papers | “Football Business & Management” | Special Issue of Managing Sport & Leisure. Call ends January 31, 2017

This Special Issue of Managing Sport & Leisure, entitled “Football Business & Management”, aims to promote the expansion of multi-disciplinary enquiries into global football based practice, developing the understanding of football as a highly relevant commercial, social, and cultural phenomenon. The journal encourages in-depth discussion and offers a readable format for extended peer-reviewed papers, commentaries, and reviews, all designed to spark further debate. The special issue welcomes contributions from both applied and theoretical work which addresses football inquiry, method, and practice, at local, regional, and international levels.

Through its multi-disciplinary approach, “Football Business & Management” will appeal to both new and experienced researchers and practitioners. The principal aims of the companion are to offer:

  • A distinctive space for academic and practitioner-led football enquiry, ‘thought pieces’, and ‘voices from the field’.
  • Purposefully targeting and extending football’s reach into new areas of practitioner learning and emergent academic fields.
  • Encouraging and showcasing innovative, experimental, and creative work that challenges and takes risks within various research methods.
  • Specifically target multi-disciplinary work that crosses traditional professional and practice boundaries.

Submission Details

We aim for a rapid turnaround of submissions and encourage short commentaries and ripostes. In addition to normal length submissions, “Football Business & Management” welcomes conceptual and empirical papers, organisational case studies, critical analyses, opinion pieces, book reviews, conference reports and reflective practitioner interviews. All papers are peer-reviewed whilst supplementary material in the form of video, audio, photographs and additional information about the data can be uploaded online.

For full submissions instructions and author benefits, please visit our Instructions for Authors page. We look forward to receiving your papers!

Editorial information

  • Founding Editor: Michael Green, Hartpury University Centre, UK
  • Co-Editor: Tony Ghaye, Hartpury University Centre, UK
  • Co-Editor: Jean Williams, University of Wolverhampton, UK
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