Call for Papers: Constructs of Globalization and Cultural Competencies – Navigating in a Changing Global Economy

2013 North American Society for the Sociology of Sport Conference:

Constructs of Globalization and Cultural Competencies: Navigating in a Changing Global Economy

globalizationThe theme recognizes and highlights relevant aspects associated with globalization (e.g., cultural contexts, ethnicities, religion, gender, race, sexual orientation, spatial identity, sport policy, social responsibility/accountability).

November 6-9, 2013 | Quebec City, Quebec,Canada
Conference hotel– Hilton Quebec


Due to time constraints, we are calling for two types of submissions

  1. Complete Session Proposals. These include the title, organizers and 3-4 themed abstracts. Workshops, panels or roundtable sessions fall into this category.
  2. Individual Abstract Submissions. These will be organized into sessions with shared themes by the Conference Organizing Committee. Posters and oral presentations fall into this category

Each session (of 3-4 papers) will be 90 minutes long. Abstracts and complete session proposals should be related to the conference theme, Globalization/Cultural Competencies, where possible. Please submit in the following format:

Complete Session Proposals should be submitted on-line using this link to enter the information below.

  1. Type of session, which includes 3 options: (a) paper presentation session (usually 3 or 4 papers presented orally); (b) panel or roundtable session (the session organizer invites 3 or more participants to discuss a specific theme; participants do not present a paper per se and do not submit an abstract); (c) workshop session (designed to incorporate discussion/ interaction around a topic that may be more practically oriented).
  2. Title of the session (maximum of 20 words)
  3. A short description of the proposed session (maximum of 200 words)
  4. Name, affiliation (university or institution) and email address of the organiser(s)
  5. Author name(s) and affiliation, paper title, and abstract, for each paper in a paper session.

Individual Abstracts should be submitted in using this link:

  1. Title of the presentation (maximum 20 words)
  2. Abstract (maximum 200 words)
  3. Name, affiliation (university or institution) and email address of the presenter/s
  4. Session Focus you would prefer: e.g., race/ethnicity, media, methodology, etc.

To be considered, abstracts and session proposals must be submitted no later than midnight (eastern daylight time) on aug 9, 2013

Any questions should be emailed to

All submitters will be contacted in August regarding acceptance.

Please visit the conference webpage!





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