2nd Call for Papers: Conference on Women and Sport in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries

Organization: IHC and CEIS20
Location: Lisbon, FCSH-UNL
Dates: June 20-21, 2013

Female students at the University of Wisconsin @ Madison playing broom hockey in the 1950s.

Women’s access to sports and physical education is a story made by advances and retreats, punctuated by discrimination, mentalities’ shifts and social achievements. In fact, by the end of 1800, women’s participation in sporting events was only looked upon as entertainment, giving particular attention to body and facial postures, and to feminine beauty, setting physical strength, agility and skill of the athletes as second level of importance. The Summer Olympics are a clear illustration of this historical path.

Women start participating in sports’ competitions in 1770 at the British Games, however it was only at the Olympic Games held in 2012, in London, that they were represented in all disciplines of the Olympic program.

The “Women and Sport in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries” conference seeks to analyze, in a critical and integrated way, the history of this journey, watching its multiple dimensions and approaches: social, economic, political, cultural, legal, ethical, organizational, media, medical and gender. This meeting aims to provide a space of discussion, seeking to stimulate and further develop studies in the History of Sports, particularly in the field of History of Women’s Sports.

The meeting will accommodate presentations given by invited speakers and paper givers submitted through ‘call for papers’. All researchers are invited to participate, submitting proposals on the following themes:

  • Origin and evolution of sport’s practices;
  • Sports and physical education as instruments of social and cultural emancipation of women;
  • The role of the state;
  • Discourses, ideologies and policies, or its absence, which outline women’s sport;
  • the role of clubs, associations and sports’ practice in a school environment;
  • Ways to construct women’s sport memories

Submission of proposals: until April 26, 2013
Submission results will be known by: May 13, 2013
Final Program disclosure: June 10, 2013

Please send the Form (in ‘word’ format only) containing the title of the paper, the abstract (maximum 500 words) and a brief CV (maximum 150 words) until April 26, 2013 to the following address: desportofeminino.ihc@gmail.com

Congress languages: Portuguese, Spanish and English

25 euros and 10 euros (students) until May 31, 2013
35 euros and 20 euros (students) after May 31, 2013

Organizing Committee:
Maria Fernanda Rollo (IHC- FCSH)
Fátima Mariano (IHC-FCSH)
Rita Nunes (IHC-FCSH e AOP)
Yvette Santos (IHC-FCSH)

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